Florida Mortgage Programs

Qualify for a FL FHA mortgage, Conventional or Refinancing program with Sherry Greenwald is a smart decision!

At FHA Mortgage Loan, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of Florida mortgage programs that includes the FHA mortgage, traditional conventional loan products and many homeowner refinance programs. These mortgage programs have been designed specifically for the homeowner and home buyer looking to finance a the purchase of a home or refinance their current primary residence in the state of Florida.

In todays complicated real estate market, having the right selection of FL mortgage programs to choose from is important! By far, our most popular program is the FHA loan product. Our Florida FHA loan program makes qualifying for a mortgage, and purchasing a home, easier and more affordable for buyers who, otherwise, wouldn't be able to afford the higher downpayment requirements of a conventional mortgage product. HUD guidelines state that credit scores should not be considered during underwriting and when coupled with a low, 3.5% down payment and up to 6% in seller concessions, the FHA home loan is the perfect financing vehicle for most home buyers looking for a low fixed rate home loan. In addition, qualified home buyers can use grants and gifts from family members to assist with meeting both the Florida fha programs downpayment and closing costs.

Read more about the many Florida mortgage programs that we offer below. If you have any questions, please contact us or call 1-561-271-1611 to speak with Sherry Greenwald.

FHA Home Buyer Loans
Using the FHA home buyer loan is a great opportunity for everyone looking to buy a home, especially first time home buyers. Easier qualifying, low interest rates and a low down payment allow a more cost effective way to purchase a home for potential home buyers. The FHA mortgage program can also be used to do a rate and term refinance, cash out refinance or converted by qualified homeowners to a reverse mortgage at retirement. Learn More...

Conventional Mortgage Programs
We offer more than just HUD (Government Backed) Florida FHA financing programs, we also offer other mortgage programs for home buyers and homeowners with higher credit scores, wanting to avoid the MIP of the FHA product, or who have other mortgage financing needs. The range of conventional mortgage programs we offer are extensive and include: Jumbo Loans for buyers looking at homes in a higher price range, adjustable rate mortgage programs, interest only mortgage products, conventional refinancing options and so much more. We even originate the VA mortgage program for veterans. Learn More...

FHA Mortgage Refinance
The Florida FHA refinance programs include cash out refinancing, the rate and term refi option and the FHA streamline refinance program.The FHA product allows current Florida homeowners to refinance a their home for a lower rate or change from an adjustable to fixed rate mortgage. With the streamline refinance program, borrowers who currently have an FHA loan are not required to "re-qualify" for a new FHA mortgage. Learn More...

FHA Reverse Mortgage
The FHA reverse mortgage program is design for qualified senior citizens 62 years or older who wish to cash out equity available in their home without a monthly principle and interest mortgage payment. Reverse home loans allow seniors a guaranteed, supplemental income without any monthly payments. This HUD reverse financing program backed by the Federal Government. Learn More...

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